"Do Not Sell My Personal Information"

At EA, we're in the business of making great games, not selling data. In order to give you the best gaming experience, we may share your information with third parties to serve you offers for EA products and services, or offers from our third-party advertising partners. This sharing also makes it so you get a more relevant ad experience (for example, when you're browsing the web, you may see fewer ads for EA games you already own).

EA gives you the ability to disable targeted advertising provided by third-party partners at any time by using our existing privacy controls. If you want to know more about our sharing activities, please read our Privacy and Cookie Policy.

Here's how you can control whether your data is shared for marketing purposes.

If you or your legally authorized agent need help, do not have an account, or would like to submit an opt-out notice to us directly, please contact the privacy administrator for your region at privacyadmin.ea.com.